Cancer Information and Articles

1. Needs and Concerns as a Result of Cancer

This article is a survey of professional publications detailing the needs and concerns of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and family.

2. Emotional Effects of Cancer

This article briefly outlines some of the emotional effects of cancer. 

3. How to Solicit the Power of Prayer?

This article surveys aspects of meaningful prayer for cancer. 

4. Chemotherapy: Causes, Side Effects and Lessoning Severity

The following articles are written by Marlene Spadoni, RN, for training her nurses.  Marlene Spadoni is the Director of Clinical Services, Texas Hermatology Oncology Center, Dallas, TX.  

She graduated from Missouri Baptist Hospital School of Nursing, Missouri Baptist College, St. Louis, Mo.  She has 31 years of experiencein oncology in the hospital setting as well as free standing oncology clinics. She has served as the Director of Nursing including Medical Oncology, Radiation, Radiology and Infusion Services.  
5.  What Are The Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor and Providers

6. Links to Caregiver Information:  
    You will be able to learn: 

  1. What do Caregiver’s do?
  2. Who Cares for the Caregivers?
   b. Caregivers Online